Live Action Projects combines strategy, creativity and empathy to unlock narratives and engage broad audiences through stories with purpose. In commissioned work, we offer story workshops and comprehensive content services for premium clients and partner agencies.



More than ever, employees want to know the organization they work for is acting with purpose. Customers want to know that brands are socially conscious and engaged in the broader world around them. They believe it when they see it. Really, they believe it when they feel it.

Real stories, well told, forge an emotional connection between the commitments a brand makes, the lives those commitments change, and the core audiences whose opinions matter. These emotional connections – and the [shareable stories] that drive them – turn employees into true believers and casual fans into brand advocates.


But, stories of purpose must reach these audiences to resonate with them. If a content tree falls alone in the woods, there’s no ROI to make a fire. Right? We help our clients leverage their story-driven content for maximum impact by working with them to develop and execute strategic distribution and audience engagement plans across paid, owned and earned media; from internal screenings to interactive/UGC social campaigns; from TV integrations to win/win media partnerships.