Fascinating…a compelling piece of filmmaking with a unique and intimate perspective. – New Orleans Times-Picayune

61 Bullets blends quiet, thoughtful documentary filmmaking with moments of historical sweep, contrasting history’s judgement with the everyday lives of those who have to contend with it. – Austin-American Statesman

The film epitomizes the two characteristics of any great piece of journalism: information and empathy. – Film Colossus

The night of September 8th, 1935, bullets ricochet through the marble corridors of the Louisiana State Capitol. When the shooting stops, two men are fatally wounded. The first, shot once in the stomach, is populist U.S. Senator Huey Long, one of the most colorful, contentious figures in American history. The second: Dr. Carl Weiss, a respected surgeon with a young wife and 3-month-old baby at home. Riddled with 60 bullet wounds, Weiss is proclaimed Huey’s assassin by the Long contingent. But, without physical evidence or a clear motive, the Weiss family doubts his guilt. 75 years later, in a search for closure, Weiss’s son and his family delve into a painful past to question the official story. Yet, this is not a film about conspiracy theories, or a one-sided shot at vindication. It’s a Louisiana mystery revealed through an emotional journey, exploring themes of father-son relationships, justice, and how history is formed. Through the eyes of compelling present-day characters, 61 BULLETS shines a unique light on one of the biggest political killings in U.S. history. Stream The Full Film Here.

Produced and Directed by David Modigliani. Co-Produced by Yvonne Boudreaux. Co-Directed by Louisiana Kreutz.