This behind-the-scenes feature documentary follows Beto O’Rourke’s meteoric rise from a virtual unknown to a national political sensation in his against-all-odds attempt to unseat Ted Cruz and represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Intimately embedded with the candidate, his close-knit family and his colorful group of political newcomers for the last 12 months of the race, the film reveals the human experience of running a breakaway, unconventional campaign that questions the basic tenets of current American politics. Along the way, Beto barnstorms across the 254 counties of Texas and inspires the best-funded grassroots campaign in Senate history.

In addition to sharing the magic of a joyful, punk-rock warrior on the march, the film also captures the struggles of the journey: holding a family of five together when only home a couple of days a month; competing in a state bigger than France without taking any PAC money or corporate contributions; maintaining the stamina to deliver the goods for growing crowds – and national media – through endless road trips on no sleep; and weathering relentless fear-based negative advertising from Cruz and the GOP, weaponized to strike down an ascending star.

The film also captures the movement that Beto inspires, through the stories of three everyday Texans who engage in politics in new ways: a 17 year-old gun safety activist who survived a mass shooting at his church; a formerly Republican gay Latina hell-bent on turning out votes in her apathetic community; and a rural female gun enthusiast from a military family who drops more F-bombs than Beto.

Hilarious, heartbreaking and hopeful, RUNNING WITH BETO will become an essential piece of the national political conversation in the run-up to 2020.

David Modigliani originally met Beto at first base when his sandlot baseball team, the Texas Playboys Baseball Club, hosted Beto’s squad, Los Diablitos de El Paso in Austin in April 2017. The two have developed a strong rapport, leading Beto to choose David from many suitors to capture and tell the inside story.

Directed and produced by David Modigliani (CRAWFORD), the film was produced by Rebecca Feferman, Nancy Schafer, Rachel Ecklund, Greg Kwedar and Michelle Modigliani, in association with Crooked Media (POD SAVE AMERICA). Acquisition negotiated for the filmmakers by Annie Roney of Ro*Co Films.