Live Action Projects unlocks real stories to build narratives for brands, organizations and partner agencies. Through discrete, hands-on story workshops we hold with start-ups, Fortune 100 brands and best-in-class agencies, we reveal insights for our clients by employing the same story development tactics we use in originating feature documentaries and TV series. Through these workshops, we co-construct the narrative foundations our clients will build upon through internal and external messaging and campaign storytelling.

“I would want David in every room with my clients; in conducting story workshops, he has an uncanny ability to spark insights, facilitate a creative process, and synthesize competing viewpoints into a cohesive vision – all while having a hell of a good time.”

Beth Kitzinger, former COO of Fenton Communications and Senior VP of Havas Worldwide


We believe powerful stories are the glue that holds brands and organizations together – and connects them to their fans and customers. When employees and team-members co-create the origin stories, founding myths, and action-forward missions of their entities, they collaborate in synchrony and pull most efficiently toward a common goal. What is the story we’re telling ourselves about what we’re doing together? About what we’re delivering? Live Action Projects helps reveal, refine, codify and implement these stories to build story-based cultures that succeed.

“David went way beyond: he not only created beautiful, compelling content that told our story well – he rewrote our story with us. David taught our team – and even me – how to think about our story and to bring it forward in all we do.”

Evan Baehr, Co-founder, Able (Peter Thiel-backed fintech startup)